How to: Subscribe & Listen



Welcome to the NY Talk

How to subscribe and listen to our podcasts.

To subscribe to any one of your favorite NY Talk Radio shows  (formerly Tribeca all you have to do is click on the title of the show to your right. Doing so will take you to that individual shows podcast homepage. Once you are there you will see a feed icon . There is a big one. All you have to do is drag the icon into the podcast folder in your personal media player.

This is very easy if you have iTunes, as there is a folder that says “podcast”. For other media players you might have to play around a little bit to find that folder.

Set your podcast preferences to look for new podcasts as often as you like. Once we post a new podcast your media player will search for it automatically, you only have to do this process once to subscribe to the weekly podcast.

You can also subscribe by email. On the right side enter your email address and click the “Subscribe Me!” button.

There are also icons for several popular web-based podcatchers. Click on any one that you prefer.

If you only want to listen to one of the shows, the process is even easier. Again, click on the title of the show you wish to listen to on the right side of the screen. Once you get to the next page, some archived shows will appear in succession by the date the show was originally posted.

You will see a small grey speaker and “play” player icon beneath every individual show. To listen to the show click on the play icon and the audio will start. Click pause to pause listening. To listen while continuing to browse, clicking “Play in popup” will open another browser window (must allow popups in your browser!) so that you may navigate away from the page and still have the show playing. To download the single show right-click (pc) or option-click (mac) the download link. There will be a “Save Link as…” option.